Name of Education Fund

St. George’s Institution Taiping Education Fund (the “Fund”).

Objective of the Fund

To provide scholarships to deserving Malaysian students who have secured a place in vocational colleges or universities in Malaysia.

Outline of Scholarship Fund Project

This Scholarship Fund Project was mooted by the ’67 batch of Georgians to give something back to society and to show appreciation to their Alma Mater. A sum of RM1,000,000 has been put up as an initial amount to start off the Fund. Based on the annual cash flow generated from the initial amount and other contributions, an estimated amount of approximately RM80,000 per annum is expected to be awarded in the form of scholarships to selected students.

It is hoped that the Fund will provide at least two (2) scholarships a year for students pursuing a 2/3/4-year course. The scholarships shall cover the duration of the course and be utilized to reimburse tuition fees and living expenses.

The number of scholarships given out can be increased if more contributions are received as income and disbursements must be ‘roughly matched’ in order to ensure financial sustainability of the Fund. We therefore welcome more pledges and donations for the Fund.

Disclaimer:  While the Committee has taken all steps necessary to ensure that the Fund will be able to meet its commitments, there is no guarantee that payment of the scholarships may not be disrupted or reduced due to any unforeseen circumstances.  In such event the Fund shall not be liable to any of the recipients.